Super heroes, ghosts and witches…they only come around once a year and always seem to be having lots of fun! You will certainly need all kinds of treats to keep them energised while making their way around the neighbourhood. Regardless of where in Edmonton you are just passing out treats might not be enough this year. Considering decorating your home to stand out amongst the rest this Halloween? Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve put together to help get you started!


If you want to impress your guests, the neighbours, or your little trick-or-treaters this Halloween get started now! First focus on finishing those remaining home improvement tasks you’ve been putting off all summer then ensure your outdoor electrical is up to code prior to setting up any Halloween decorations. Here’s some decoration ideas that are quick and relatively easy.

Pumpkins and Pine Cones

Pumpkins are a real classic. They look great even if you don’t carve them and come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Carving pumpkins is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and spend a night with the family. The seeds can also be seasoned and roasted for a tasty snack. However, if you really want an even more creative spin on your jack-o-lantern’s consider using some stencils with black, white or silver spray paint!

Pine cones are great addition as well! If you don’t have any around your home, surely you can find them scattered around in a neighbours yard or close to a nearby park. Combined, pumpkins and pinecones make a tasteful fall display to your front porch or dinner table that will last well beyond just Halloween.


Lighting can transform a happy home into a haunted house and vice versa. Fortunately there are now endless lighting options to choose from such as multi-color LEDS, sensor-based lighting, mood lights and much more! Any of these options are versatile enough to suit any of your needs. If you’re considering installing new outlets, elevated lighting or require additional exterior wiring hire a certified professional. TradePros is here to help!

Remember dark walkways can also be hazardous to visitors… make sure to illuminate your home and properly welcome your trick-or-treaters!


Thinking of handing out some candy corn this year? We hope not J. Ever wanted to do something different? Maybe it’s a heathy snack, a toy or even a full-sized chocolate bar that all the kids will brag about. Whatever it is check out this blog post for 21 non-candy alternatives to pass out this Halloween


If they aren’t inside your pumpkins, candles are a great mood lighting accessory at this time of year. Not to mention they make for some great ambiance! There are so many options and best of all you really don’t need to pay a lot. Be careful having lit candles in high traffic areas or around decorations. It sounds like common sense but accidents with candles can turn into a big problem.


If you’re having a party or hosting this Halloween then why not consider a banner? It’s an easy and affordable way to add some flare to your interior or exterior. Check out Spirit Halloween with locations available all over Edmonton… they have everything!

Spooky Cauldron

Ever wondered how to make an authentic bubbling cauldron for your little witches and goblins? Dry ice produces carbon dioxide fog as it melts, rapidly cooling any bowl of fruit punch! Praxair locations are available across Edmonton and in Sherwood Park for same day pickup!


If you’re more interested in being spooky than crafty, music is a great way to take your front porch to the next level. If you have Spotify or Apple Music there are some great playlists that will creep almost anyone out! Try playing music through your smartphone connected to a hidden Bluetooth speaker.


If you’re technologically savvy and don’t want to spend time decorating your house try hooking up your laptop to a projector, or even a flat screen. Placing your television inside a front window can give you all sorts of options for frightening content!


Halloween can be a spooky holiday, but it doesn’t mean it should turn into a nightmare for your family or your guests. Here’s some simple safety tips to keep in mind:

Property maintenance

Avoid any freak accidents this Halloween with some simple property maintenance upkeep. If you have an unsecured railing leading up to your steps, debris covering your walkway, loose nails or deck boards from a previous renovation clean up high traffic areas before guests arrive.

Rake or sweep away fallen leaves and park your car in the garage. If you have planters or other obstacles on your front porch make sure there is enough space for visitors to move around.

Smart home

Halloween pranks do happen but theft or burglary can be avoidable with a bit of planning. Besides regular preventative measures such as locking the doors and windows consider using advanced technology to secure your home.

Window or door sensors, outdoor cameras, glass break detectors and smart locks will add to your peace of mind. Any one of these precautions will ultimately discourage any potential threats from entering your property. Check out a local Edmonton company Turnip Home that will help get you started, offering a full range of home security products and an easy installation process.

Other hazards

Keep in mind Halloween and the Christmas holidays aren’t very far apart. This means lots of guests and celebrations. If you are going to have a party in your home, make sure to test your smoke alarms. Regular testing will prevent potential fire hazards and also give you peace of mind. Also consider testing or replacing your carbon monoxide sensor alerting you and your guests against potentially fatal and odourless fumes.

We hope you have the best Halloween possible this year. Remember that TradePros is the one connection you need to get your jobs done right. Get a quote for any home improvements, repairs and installations in minutes.

Happy Halloween!