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Regardless how the weather has been lately, it’s officially spring! That means it’s time to whip your house into shape to get ready for a summer full of family BBQs, playing in the yard, and enjoying your home in its top form.
Getting your home ready for spring takes a little elbow grease, but in the end you’ll be rewarded with a fresh, clean, top-shape abode. Tackle these seven tasks now so you won’t have to worry about them come summer!

1. Clean the gutters and eavestroughs

If you live anywhere near a tree your gutters are bound to be filled with leaves. Tackle the mess before the snow melts to ensure proper drainage – otherwise that water can end up leaking into your foundation.
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2. Power wash the house, deck and driveway

Once the weather warms up it is time to get to cleaning off all the sand, salt and dirt winter brings. Power wash your house, deck and driveway to give them a fresh look. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you’re fence will be the talk of the neighbourhood if you should pressure wash it too.

3. Plant the garden

Certain plants need to be planted early in the year to maximize their growing potential. Start thinking about your garden now, so you can be prepared the second the snow melts. Talk to a landscaping expert by posting your job in the TradePros app.
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4. Clean the outsides of the windows

After all the snow and rain, your windows are bound to be grimey. No matter how many times you Windex the insides, spring is the time to tackle the mess from the root of the problem. Instead of pulling out your XL ladder, get a handyman to tackle the grime and water spots.

5. Fix anything that needs fixing

Throughout the winter there are always projects that get put to the wayside for warmer days. Start your spring on the right foot by hiring a handyman to tackle those pesky projects. Whether it’s installing a new door, changing a light fixture or putting in those winter necessities into storage, you can sit back and let a Pro take care of it.
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6. Paint!

Freshen up your home with a fresh coat of paint. Indoors or outdoors it will give new life to your home and make you feel like you’re living in a whole new space. Especially if you’re planning to sell, adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home and fence will up the curb appeal, which is the #1 best investment for sellers. Hire a Pro to get the job quickly and on budget, just post your job in the TradePros app.

7. Haul out the junk

Nothing says spring quite like cleaning. Empty out the basement, clear out the garage and make room in the storage shed by decluttering your home. Fill up the trunk or call that friend with a truck to thin out pile you collected over winter.

Looking for some help with any of these jobs? Let a Pro take care of it. Post your job in the TradePros app and within minutes you’ll receive bids from qualified local contractors. Download the app today on your Apple or Android device.