Combined with your profile, a great quote ("bid") can close a client quickly. A bid is your first opportunity to make an impression with your potential client. Being thoughtful in your approach can separate you from other companies trying to win the job.

Since you only get one opportunity to make a great first impression we thought we should offer up some tips to increase the chances of winning jobs you're interested in!

For starters, one theme seems to repeat. The Pros who respond quick tend to get hired. Besides being quick here are some other strategies for crafting great bids.

Tip #1: Be Personal

Your personal message should be friendly yet professional. Here’s some tips to get the most out of this message:

  • Always address the potential client by name.
  • Thank potential clients for the opportunity to pursue their job.
  • Highlight certain personal aspects such as your proximity to the client.
  • Use a template! Create a great personal message but change specifics depending on the job and client.

Tip #2: Highlight Qualifications

Making sure your potential client knows you’re the right Pro for the job is critical. Don’t assume they will research your background, tell them upfront to make the decision easier! Think from the standpoint of the client, what would they like to see to instill confidence on their hiring decision. Here’s some tips:

  • Mention experience doing similar projects.
  • Explain why your background and years of experience is ideally suited for the job.

Tip #3: Pricing

Don’t let the prospect of estimating a price deter you from pursuing a job. Based on the client information provided and your industry standards try your best to include a price, if you can’t ask for a site visit and explain that the details provided are insufficient. We provide three options to help with different scenarios:

  1. Price range
  2. Hourly price
  3. Need more information

Here’s what you need to know when pricing a job:

  • Some clients choose Pros because of how specific their pricing is. They propose materials, supplies and labor time based on the job description provided.
  • Be careful about leading with a low price to get a meeting. Once you’ve estimated a price and this differs significantly from your final quote explain why, otherwise the client will feel completely misled.

Here’s what you need to know when requesting more information:

  • By delaying providing a price you can provide a more concrete price in person and use that as an opportunity to sell yourself.
  • On the downside not having a price can put you at a competitive disadvantage to other Pros. Make sure you have a strong profile and let that do the talking.

Tip #4: Propose Next Steps

Make the process for your potential client seamless. In your personal message suggest some ideas or times for getting started.

  • Mention that your booking clients with limited availability to generate a sense of urgency.
  • Ask an engaging question – generally speaking people can’t help themselves from thinking about it prompting them to respond.

Tip #5: Check Your Spelling and Grammar

It’s great to respond quickly to a potential client request but don’t forget your spelling, grammar and punctuation. It might seem minor, but to potential clients it speaks volumes about professionalism.

Here’s an Example

Based on the above tips here's an example of how this all comes together.

Hello [name],

Thank you for the opportunity to bid for your [service category] job. We’re actually based in your area and have done similar projects for people in your community with excellent results – check out our reviews to see what they say or some photos of our past projects showing our dedication to quality results.

The details are a little foggy in the job description, would you consider different types of [materials]?

Since its peak season, our availability is limited so we like to book clients in advance. That being said, how about we schedule a time to meet this Friday afternoon to discuss the project in-depth, firm-up a price and to ensure we can meet your timelines.

Best Regards,
[Your name]

Thanks for reading and best of luck meeting your next clients!