It’s not too often we get the chance to get free stuff, let alone awesome free stuff that actually boosts the value of our homes.
But thanks to the Alberta government, awesome free stuff is coming your way.
Two new energy-saving initiatives that are aimed at keeping money in your pocket instead of on your monthly power bills are being rolled out soon. The goal is to get Albertans to upgrade their homes with energy-efficient materials, like better lightbulbs, shower heads and thermostats, to save money and help the environment.
Here’s the low-down.

Make the switch to energy efficient products for FREE

Save money on your monthly power bill with Energy Efficiency Alberta’s residential no-charge energy savings program. Have a local energy efficiency installer do a walk-through of your home to identify areas for energy saving. Once the inspection is completed your installer will replace:

• Incandescent light bulbs with LEDs

• Old shower heads with high efficiency alternatives

• Non-programmable thermostats with smart (self-adjusting) thermostats

• Traditional faucets with faucet aerators

• Conventional power bars with smart power bars

The process will takes no longer than an hour in most homes, plus the inspection and all product is 100% free to keep. The program begins this month, and Energy Efficiency Alberta is taking online sign-ups now. Register online in minutes to be one of the first in Alberta to benefit from the program.

Solar panels, via CleanTechnica

Save 30% on solar panels

Starting this summer, provincial and local governments are working together to offer rebates on residential and commercial solar panels. The government of Alberta has pledged $36 million dollars over two years for the rebate program. This initiative will cut solar panel installation costs by 30% for homeowners, and 25% for businesses.

By 2019, the program is expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half a million tonnes – equal to taking over 100,000 cars off the road. That’s pretty cool.

The city of Edmonton is already at work to change bylaws, making it easier for residents to install solar panels without permits. Additionally, the government aims to have standard sizing guidelines laid out to streamline the installation process.

To be the first one to register when the program launches, sign up for Efficiency Alberta’s newsletter. And when you’re ready to install, post your job on the TradePros app to have one of our verified professional solar panel installers do the job for you! Get it for Android or iOS.