Renovating the kitchen is almost always at the top of every homeowners list – but it is also usually the most expensive project.
The average cost of a kitchen reno is over $21,000 in Canada, while smaller projects come in around 10 to 15 grand.
There’s no need to dump the equivalent of the cost of a small car into your kitchen to give it the facelift it deserves.
Rather than starting from the ground up, use these tips and tricks to modernize your kitchen without breaking the bank.

(Make sure you read our guide to setting a renovation budget before you begin.) Gold kitchen hardware inspo, by HGTV

1. Refresh the hardware

Believe it or not, swapping out old hardware for modern styles can take bring your dated kitchen into 2017. New hardware can completely change the look of old cabinets, and tie your kitchen together with other low-cost updates.

Fresh cabinet doors via HGTV

2. Swap out cabinet doors

Replacing an entire kitchen’s worth of cabinets will cost thousands, but generally, the interior of your cabinets are still in full working order (and people don’t usually look in there anyway).
Cut your budget in half but still get the full facial upgrade by swapping out your cabinet doors.

Industrial lighting you'll love, by House Beautiful

3. Change the lighting

A dead giveaway of a dated kitchen are light fixtures that appear to be straight from the set of That 70s Show (remember the hanging cheese graters?).
Instead of ripping out the ceiling to install pot lights, swap old hanging fixtures for stylish new ones (not cheese graters). This project is totally DIYable and customizable to your style.

Modern and bright, via Pinterest

4. Add window treatments

Are old blinds dragging you down with smells, stains and a colour only your granny would love?
Instead of installing new blinds, cover up your perfectly functional ones with modern curtains.
Installing window treatments is a great and inexpensive way to tie other design aspects of your kitchen together. Use them to add a pop of colour, or stick to neutral shades to keep your kitchen cohesive.

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