Whenever you want to change the appearance of your home, renovate, or remodel, painting is perhaps the simplest and easiest solution. Paint can undoubtedly be the factor that decides whether your home will look good or not.

Indeed paint can breathe a new life into your home, making it more welcoming and full of life. But, after you have painted the interior of your home once, how long does it take for you to repaint it?

Though your home’s interior doesn’t need constant painting, not like the exterior, painting can do wonders for your space. Still, nevertheless, there are some painting frequency guidelines that you must keep in mind to keep your paint looking fresh.

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Indications that it’s time to Repaint

Painting the interior of your home can be very time consuming and inconvenient. However, it’s much easier than it sounds. Painting your home is an excellent investment that prolongs its aesthetics.

It’s your home’s defense against harmful elements that can, in the long run, deteriorate it. Sure, when the paint starts to peel, fade, or chip, it’s the best time to repaint. However, there are other telltale indications such as cracking or flaking.

But, it’s wise if you don’t wait until your paint shows these signs. Repaint ahead of time to lessen any damages or deterioration to the interior of your home, as well as mitigating the need to prepare for painting costs.

For the Hallways

The corridors and hallways of your home are likely the most walked through space and can experience lots of wear and tear. These spaces tend to get abused and used a lot of times. They’ll have sticky finger marks, scuff marks, and probably cracks and dents below the surface that can wreck the aesthetics and appearance of your house.

If the paint used in these areas was a first-rate washable paint, for which you can find in any online stores such as Paintstucco House Painting, then you can wash these walls once in a while. But if not, ideally, hallways and corridors get painted likely around two to three years.

For the Bedrooms

If you have no kids in your home, you’ll notice that the paint in your bedrooms can, without a doubt, last for a long time. Adult bedrooms are typically or usually used less frequently. As a rule of thumb, bedrooms don’t see much wear and tear, and thus don’t require regular painting.

However, children's bedrooms are a different story since kids typically use the space for both play and sleep. For instance, the walls suddenly become a space for scribbling and doodling, which is hard to remove most especially if it wasn’t originally and initially painted with paint with a higher sheen.

A good solution is to paint a specific portion of a wall with chalkboard paint. As such, rest assured that your kids will express their imaginativeness on a particular wall surface and leave the other surfaces alone. With children's bedrooms where paint doesn’t last long, it’s ideal to get it painted around two to three years.

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For the Living Room and Dining Room

Luckily, paint in these spaces is likely to last for a long time, even though they’re the busiest rooms in a house. Since the living room and dining room tend to get occupied with tons of formal activities, paint and decoration used in these spaces are much better than any other places.

So, deciding to repaint these areas can sometimes be because of some significant change of interior design and style. As such, it’s ideal to paint these areas around five to seven years.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

The bathrooms and kitchen have more damage or impairment on the walls compared to the dining or living rooms. Thus, you might need to paint these walls more often. These areas are among the busiest parts of the house, that’s why it’s common to see cracked or damaged walls.

In the kitchen, you should cover up the walls with a paint that you can wash regularly. Preferably a satin or pearl finish paint because it’ll be much easier to maintain them. On the other hand, in the bathrooms, it’s important to coat the walls with water-based paint because they can withstand humid and moisture, and are long-lasting. The paint job in the kitchen and bathrooms doesn’t last long. Thus, you’ll need to repaint it every three to four years.

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Applying paint in the interior of your home is the simplest way to change the look of your home, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot to do it. In every part of the house, there’s a specific time or frequency for which you can repaint them.

For the hallways and bedrooms, the ideal time to repaint is every two to three years, while for the living and dining room the ideal time is about five to seven years. Lastly, for the bathrooms and kitchen, you’ll need to repaint it every three to four years.

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