Tip #1: Make Reviews a Priority

It takes a little time and effort to build your reviews on TradePros, but it’s significantly harder to get hired without them. Top Pros know to use their past work to their advantage by tapping into what previous customers have said about them.

You can receive reviews from outside of TradePros by sending previous clients a link to your profile review page. This is especially important when you’re just getting started. Reviews, even those that are marked “Third Party” provide customers a credible account of your work from the moment you send your first quote.

Tip #2: Get "Hired"

Once a customer has agreed to work with you, ask that they mark you as hired on TradePros. That way, TradePros sends a message prompting them to leave you a review. It’s an easy way to record your jobs, track customer satisfaction, strengthen your brand, and it takes a lot of the work of asking for reviews off your shoulders.

Tip #3: Be Timely

Discuss the review with the customer right after the job is completed. They should be happy with the result and willing to leave a glowing review. Secondly its fresh in their mind. If you don't ask for a review for a few weeks after a job the chance of them actually completing the task is much lower.

Tip #4: Follow Up

If your customer hasn't left a review within a few days of you asking, don’t hesitate to reach out. Give your customer a nudge. Always try to include your review link, and feel free to put it in an email template - your link won't change or expire.

Tip #5: Bad Reviews Happen

Don’t be discouraged by the occasional negative review. Our research shows that reviews that are not all 5 star are more credible with consumers - it’s the overall tone of the comments that counts and how you respond to them.

Thank customers who write good reviews and find a positive way to address those who don’t. Potential customers like knowing how you will respond when something goes less than perfect.

If you consistently provide great work your reviews will reflect this. People won’t always pick the cheapest quote. Reviews help build trust between yourself and the customer, which will build value into your service.