“Tiny home living is a trend that is now global and seems to be spreading in Canada,” says Alison Farrell, the assistant show manager for the Edmonton Home + Garden Show. With more young professionals and small families moving to city centers the race for limited space means functional and aesthetically pleasing design is a must for anyone considering a tiny home - especially in the kitchen.

The kitchen has and will always be the focal point of any home. After all it's where we cook, eat and socialize. Whether you live in a high rise apartment, or a skinny home there are certainly ways to accentuate and embrace your cozy kitchen. Here are some examples of different small kitchens with great style and functionality.

Industrial Style

An industrial-style kitchen is a timeless trend that hasn’t phased out. While this style is predominantly found in larger spaces, these three cooking areas use just the right amount of stainless steel appliances and fixtures, wooden block surfaces and rustic metal accents.

Lighter Colors
It’s a basic rule of thumb that lighter colors and plentiful natural light can make a room feel larger than it actually is. If you don’t want to go with white, light greys are in!

Bold Features
While white can make a small room look larger, it also works on the other end of the spectrum. Accent walls using dark colors create a sense of boldness and edginess that doesn’t come with a neutral color scheme. A bold-colored wall can accentuate the frame of a kitchen and it gives more dimension.

Stylish Appliances
These tiny kitchens all have one thing in common - a bright focal point. Retro-style fittings pair exceptionally well with neutral color cabinets and countertops. Make sure there are no other conflicting bold colors within the space such as accent walls.

Tiny homes (and small kitchens) don’t have to cramp your lifestyle. With the right combination of functional design and aesthetics your small kitchen can have a big personality. If you feel inspired to take your kitchen to the next level and embrace it in all its coziness, TradePros can make a quick and easy introduction to a certified Pro to help achieve your kitchen dreams. Post your renovation project in 2 minutes today!