It’s renovation season! And we have some big updates.

TradePros is consistently working to provide customers with the best products, services, and options to help them grow their business quickly and efficiently. In this constant search to provide for our customers we are excited to announce some exciting additions.

The TradePros Desktop Application

We’re excited to announce the launch of our #1 most requested feature - TradePros on desktop. The desktop application includes all the user abilities of the mobile application, but now accessible on a much bigger screen. Here’s a little guide of what's new to help you get started:

Logging in

It's now easier than ever to get started on TradePros. You can now login from the Pro section of our website or simply by visiting this link and entering your username and password.

Your new dashboard

Map view of leads - see at a glance the location of your potential client. Easily zoom in and out using the “+/-” toggle in the bottom right of the map.

Pipeline view of bids - responding to customer feedback we’ve improved how your bids are managed. Including being notified as to which jobs weren’t won. Easily archive estimates by clicking the small red trash bin logo. All action items will be indicated on the individual bid.

Manage your profile - manage and maintain your profile from the comfort of your desktop computer. Anytime there is a change within your company it’s easy to update your company profile. Click your company name in the top right and select “Account Settings”.

Public Profiles

Exposure to a larger audience - make sure you’ve updated your professional profile. More and more new visitors are visiting our website everyday and we are continually working to improve the visibility of your company profiles.

Drive traffic to your website - include a link to your website and social media profiles to bring people to your website, so they can get to know you even better.

Improve your SEO rankings - by simply listing your business with a fast growing partner like us you can boost your company ranking on popular search engines like Google.

Company logo - make sure to have your company logo online. The best image size is 500x500 pixels. If you aren’t able to edit the photo yourself here’s a handy tool called Pic Resize.

Add past projects - see more below!

Past Projects

Now accessible in the “Profile” section of both your mobile and desktop, past projects will add some flare to your profile allowing you to showcase your best work to potential customers.

Here’s some best practice for past projects:
1. You can upload up to 5 photos per project.
2. We have character limits on the project description. Try and keep this short and sweet. Let the pictures do the talking.
3. Bonus: show some before and after photos. Your potential clients will love to see the difference.


Reviews are critical! Read our blog post about why they are so important by clicking here.

We give you two options for bolstering your profile:
1. Request reviews from an unlimited amount of past clients with your custom link. On mobile it's in your profile settings on desktop on your home screen.
2. Upload the last 5 google reviews of your company simply with the click of a button. This setting is in the profile section of your mobile app.

Additional Resources

Get the most out of your time with us. Here’s some other resources on tying everything together to start getting hired for the jobs you want most:
1. Get Hired Guide
2. Send Winning Quotes
3. Link to desktop application

Keep up the great work!
The TradePros Team