Not sure if you already know, but TradePros started because of a need to connect people with reliable professionals who could help out with important jobs, big or small.

From the start, quality was a must — and still is.

Here’s what it takes to be a TradePro:

Q: What is required to be a Pro?

A: All Pros need to submit an application and be accepted by our screening team before they can bid on jobs. Before a company is registered on our app, and depending on what services they offer, they go through our validation process — giving us 3 references, their liability insurance, business license and Workers Compensation Board information. Once reviewed by our team the Pro is verified, and they receive a badge on their profile for each credential. We do this all to makes your hiring decision as transparent as possible — bringing you only the best and most reliable Pros. Each badge signifies something different — here are the 3 meanings:

Liability Insurance: covers such situations as contractor-caused damage to your property, although it doesn’t typically pay for repairing or replacing low quality work.

Business License: government bylaws require business owners hold a licence authorizing them to engage in or operate that business which provides related services.

WCB / Workers Compensation Board: is an injury and disability insurance system for workers and employers, paid for by their employers.

Q: What happens if a Pro doesn’t provide the required documents?

A: Our Pros need to provide liability insurance and 3 references in order to be approved. If they can’t provide this information, then they will be denied Pro status and are ineligible to access customer requests.

Q: How do you verify the documents are real?

A: All documents required are from official agencies, making them hard to forge. Our screening team looks at each Pro’s application and checks it to make sure the business has a good reputation, based on great experiences from members like you!

Q: Why do you verify the Pros?

A: We verify our Pros because we want to protect our homeowners and make the process seamless from start to finish. We started TradePros to connect the community to reliable and skilled tradespeople and we work to find the best, so you don’t have to. Since TradePros started from a desire to connect people with quality trades, one of our primary motivating factors is to protect homeowners and give you the best possible experience with the app, and with each job you post.

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